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Radically Simple & Cost-Effective NAS Backup

Cloud-based NAS data protection across on-premises and cloud storage with global deduplication and cloud archiving reduces complexity and costs.

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100% SaaS Backup and Archiving for NAS

Druva works across on-premises and cloud storage to reduce complexity, improve search/recovery, and slash costs up to 50%.

Reduce LTR costs up to 50%

Direct-to-cold backup, storage tiering, and global deduplication provide a cost-efficient and resilient solution for long-term retention (LTR) and compliance.

Protect data on-premises or in cloud

Snapshot integration, ML-based Smart Scan, and global, source dedupe drive backup, bandwidth, and storage efficiency across storage tiers.

Granular recovery to any storage tier

Metadata-powered search quickly finds and recovers all versions of files across file servers and NAS systems regardless of the age of data.

Druva for NAS Backup

Druva’s SaaS platform simplifies and lowers the cost of NAS data protection with deep analytics, global source
deduplication and both auto-tiering and direct-to-cold storage archiving.

How It Works?

Add NAS proxy — connect on-prem or cloud

Quickly find the latest NAS proxy from the Druva console. Deploy to an on-premises or cloud VM. Securely activate your NAS proxy in a few easy steps.